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Prototype Homes on Gaffney Lane
Levitt and Sons operated an ongoing prototype program in which the company would frequently build samples of new home designs for inspection by corporate officials and Bill Levitt himself before deciding whether to incorporate a new design into a houseline for production.  The prototypes were generally built and tested in Levitt's larger communities in which there was a long-term presence, including Willingboro and Coram, N.Y.  The prototypes were frequently altered or sometimes rebuilt before arriving at a final design.  Eventually, each prototype unit was sold once testing in a prototye section was completed.  Because not all the designs became part of a houseline, many are now one-of-a-kind designs.  There are four prototype sites in Willingboro:  Holstone Lane and Holbrook Lane in Hawthorne Park (ten homes including the Ardsley, Eton, and Devon prototypes); Gaffney Lane (ten homes including the Hampshire, Lexington, and Monmouth prototypes as well as an early version of the Regency) and Gaylord Circle (one home) in Garfield Park; Empire Lane (Regency protoype), East Stokes Road, and Edison Lane (four homes including the Amherst prototype) in Garfield Park East.
Photo 1 (4/30/2004)
Photo 2 (8/20/2004)
Photo 3 Early Regency/ Roxbury prototype. (8/20/2004)
Photo 4 Left side view of home described in Photo 3. (8/20/2004)
Photo 5 (4/30/2004)
Photo 6 (8/20/2004)
Photo 7 Hampshire prototype; note that the half story is not cantilevered over the first floor as in the actual model offered at Country Club Ridge, Lakeridge, and Lakeridge West communities. (8/20/2004)
Photo 8 Monmouth prototype; note the asymmetrical roofline of the garage was not offered on the production model (see current Monmouth photo under The Houses section below). (4/30/2004)
Photo 9 (4/30/2004)
Photo 10 (4/30/2004)
Photo 11 (4/30/2004)

Gabriel Lane
Photo 1 Looking west from Gaffney Lane. (6/10/2005)

Garfield Drive
Photo 1 (2/15/2005)

Garland Lane
Photo 1 Intersection with Garfield Drive. (6/10/2005)
Photo 2 View from Garfield Drive. (6/10/2005)
Photo 3 Looking south from intersection with Gainscott Lane. (8/20/2004)
Photo 4 Looking north toward Gainscott Lane. (8/20/2004)

Genesee Lane
Photo 1 Intersection with Kennedy Way; pictured left to right are the Kensington, Buckingham, Monmouth, Ardsley, and Gladstone models. (3/18/2004)

Granite Lane
Photo 1 Looking south from Garrett Lane; pictured left to right are the Gladstone, Monmouth, Buckingham, Kensington, Buckingham, and Gladstone models. (2/15/2005)

Devon Model
The Devon model was generally not offered in production in Willingboro, except in the early phases of Country Club Ridge.  However, there are at least two Devon models built on lots backing to one another in Garfield Park.  The floor plan is similar to the Buckingham, but the service wing of the home is longer to accommodate a front-to-rear Family Room between the Kitchen and Breafast Alcove (Family Room in the Buckingham).
Photo 1 This home is adjacent to one of the Ardsley models with a two-car garage. (8/20/2004)


Photo 1 With two-car garage on oversized lot; this is one of only a few Ardsley models in Garfield Park with the two-car garage. (2/18/2005)

Photo 1 Home in near original exterior, including the louvered screens flanking the porch; birdhouse gable vent is covered and gutters and downspouts were installed by the homeowner. (6/10/2005)
Photo 2 Buckingham prototype with two-car garage in contemporary exterior; this home is the only one of its type in Willingboro.  It is not known whether this style of the Buckingham and related B-series models was ever built in production in any Levitt community. (6/28/2004)
Photo 3 Another view of home described in Photo 2. (2/15/2005)
Photo 4 Right side view of home descrbed in Photo 2. (2/15/2005)

Photo not available.

Photo not available.

Photo 1 (8/20/2004)
Photo 2 (8/20/2004)

Photo 1 (8/20/2004)