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Sample Homes on Rockview Court and Hathaway Drive
Photo 1 View of Rockview Court.  Note that new subdivisions have been built around Strathmore.  Pictured left to right are the Fairfield, Judson, Trent, Judson, and Endicott sample homes for the 1966 houseline.  One of the two Judson models likely served as the Sales and Information Center. (1/16/2006)
Photo 2 Judson Sample Home. (8/3/2004)
Photo 3 Endicott Sample Home. (1/16/2006)
Photo 4 Trent Sample Home. (8/3/2004)
Photo 5 Fairfield Sample Home. (8/3/2004)
Photo 6 Blair Sample Home. (8/3/2004)
Photo 7 Embassy Sample Home. (8/3/2004)
Photo 8 Additional view of Fairfield Sample Home. (8/3/2004)

Baywood Court
Photo 1 View from Rippling Brook Drive. (1/16/2006)
Photo 2 View from end of cul-de-sac toward Rippling Brook Drive. (1/16/2006)
Photo 3 View at end of cul-de-sac.  Note landscaped circular island. (1/16/2006)

Belmawr Court
Photo 1 (1/16/2006)
Photo 2 (1/16/2006)

Bingham Court
Photo 1 View from Hathaway Drive. (1/16/2006)

Hathaway Drive
Photo 1 Entrance to Exhibit Area from Layhill Road. (8/3/2004)
Photo 2 Entry monument to Strathmore at Bel Pre.  The sign was likely replaced, however, the brick pillars are probably original from Levitt's entry sign. Oddly enough, when Levitt completed Strathmore, this entrance was only for the sample homes and a few additional homes built on Hathaway Drive; the original Strathmore at Bel Pre proper is not accessible from this entrance. (1/16/2006)
Photo 3 View from opposite Rockview Court.  Pictured left to right are the Endicott, Blair, and Embassy sample homes, followed by an Endicott model. (1/16/2006)

Bel Pre Elementary School
Photo 1 View from Rippling Brook Drive.  The school is set beneath a wooded knoll. (1/16/2006)
Photo 2 (1/16/2006)
Photo 3 (1/16/2006)

Bel Pre Swim and Racquet Club
Photo 1 View of building from Bethpage Lane. (1/16/2006)



Photo 1 (1/16/2006)

Photo 1 (1/16/2006)
Photo 2 Side and rear of and Endicott model. (1/16/2006)

Photo 1 (8/3/2004)
Photo 2 (1/16/2006)

Photo 1 (//)

Photo 1 (1/16/2006
Photo 2 (1/16/2006)
Photo 3 (1/16/2006)

Photo 1 (8/3/2004)
Photo 2 Covered front entry added by homeowner. (1/16/2006)